Renting a Dumpster

Renting a Dumpster – How Do You Do it and Why Should You?

My local dumpster rental company in St. Charles actually helped me figure out what size I needed because I really wasn’t sure.

Take it from me, fixing up a home from the 1970s creates a lot of waste. I never realized how much cleanup results from renovating a home until I did my own. Without a dumpster rental, the job would not have gone nearly as smoothly as it did.

Are you thinking of renovating your home? I strongly encourage you to rent a dumpster. I’ll share my tips with you below.

How to Rent a Dumpster

Before you rent a dumpster, I encourage you to figure out how much space you need. What are you renovating? Are you doing a complete teardown or just upgrading certain parts of the home? Knowing about how much you’ll need to throw out can help you choose the right size container; they typically come in sizes ranging from 5 yards to 40 yards.

My local dumpster rental company in St. Charles actually helped me figure out what size I needed because I really wasn’t sure. They confirmed what types of materials I was putting in the bin and the remodeling projects I would need it for. Then they suggested a size.

Once you know the size you need, think of how long the project will take. Are you doing the project yourself or did you hire a contractor? If you hired someone, look at your contract. How long do they project the work to take? You’ll want the dumpster there for at least that long. Don’t forget to add a little leeway in there for extra cleanup time.

Many dumpster rental companies allow you to order the dumpster the very same day that you need it. If you can plan ahead though, I do recommend it. This way you can situate your parking situation and make sure you have enough room on your driveway or the dumpster. All you have to do is call ahead to schedule the drop off and the dumpster rental company does the rest.

The dumpster rental company will drop off the dumpster right on your driveway, unless you specify otherwise. Once they drop it off, you are free to start your project and dumping anything you need to in the dumpster. It’s convenient having the dumpster right in your driveway. Let me tell you how much time you’ll save by only hauling the trash to your driveway and then forgetting about it. You leave the dumpster in place until your rental period ends. The dumpster rental company picks the filled dumpster up and hauls away the trash for you – it’s that easy!

Know What You Can’t Toss

Make sure you are honest with the dumpster rental company about what you’ll be tossing. Most dumpsters can accept all residential renovation garbage, but they do have restricted items, such as:

  • Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Aerosol cans

Why You Should Consider a Dumpster on Your Driveway

I know it’s not the prettiest sight to have a dumpster on your driveway, but think of the convenience. Like I said above, it’s amazing the amount of time you’ll save only having to go to the driveway. If you had to haul away the trash yourself, you’d need a sizeable container to gather the trash. Once the container is full, you’d have to haul it to your car, drive it to the dump, and get rid of the trash yourself.

Think of the hours and gas wasted doing this repeatedly, depending on the size of your renovation project. Time is money, which is exactly why I chose to rent a dumpster and have the convenience of dumping the waste right in my driveway. I didn’t have to worry about hurting my back hauling the trash away or driving to the dump every few hours to get rid of the trash. This would have only slowed down the progress of my renovations, making it even more stressful in my house.

Avoid the Dumpster Bags

I know many homeowners assume the dumpster bags are the best option. They take up less room and are more economical, right? It may seem that way until you fill the bag up rather quickly and have to pay Waste Management to come pick it up. The cost of the bag is economical, yes, but if you don’t figure in the cost of the bag pickup, you’ll find yourself completely disappointed.

The pain of emptying the bag and refiling it again is just as frustrating as hauling the trash away yourself. The bag can also get really expensive depending on how many times you fill it up.

Your best bet is to rent a dumpster and have it delivered right to your driveway. You pay one price for the dumpster delivery, use of the dumpster, and hauling it away. I loved the convenience and money-saving factor of the dumpster rental and would definitely recommend it for anyone doing home renovations, especially extensive home renovations from a 1970s home like I did.