Decorating Your Walls

Decorating Your Walls

After I renovated my home, my walls felt so bare. Gone were the prints and artwork from the 1970s, despite my love for them. What stared back at me though, were four bare walls that I had no idea what to do with in each room I renovated.

It took me a while, but I finally got the hang of what would look good in each room. Now each room in my home is up to date and looks amazing with the prints and artwork that adorn my walls.

I’ll share my secrets below.

Size up Your Space

First, take a good look at the space you have. Do you have anything against the wall or is it completely bare? For example, if you have furniture there, you should choose artwork or wall décor that is the width of the furniture and no larger. If you don’t want one big print or piece of artwork, choose a series; just make sure it doesn’t take up the entire wall. Leave between 6 and 12 inches on each edge of the wall.

Choose Your Style

Does your home already have a style? If you are anything like me, and you are transforming from the 1970s to today, you are in for some drastic changes. Think about what you like; are you more contemporary, modern, classic, or country? Choose your wall décor accordingly. You may not even know what you want if you just updated your home to today’s style. Walk around home décor stores and see what speaks to you.

Don’t assume you should only hang prints either. Mix things up with some wall décor. Metal wall décor and sculptural décor can really bring out the beauty of the room, giving it depth and a focal point. Try to stick with a cohesive theme throughout the home, though. For example, don’t go modern in one room and country in another – it won’t mesh.

Choose a Starting Point

It can feel overwhelming when you are staring at four blank walls – I get it. Choose a point to start. Do you have something that you already want in your home – maybe a family photograph or special print that you want in the room? Use this as your anchor. Then choose coordinating artwork that will help bring out the beauty of this small starting point.

Go Big

If you don’t have a starting point and want to make a statement in a room, choose a large print. I chose to do this over my wall with the sofa. I wanted a statement piece that really drew the eye to it. I found the perfect painting that brings out the accent colors in my family room while providing a statement piece.

Experiment and Have Fun

Most importantly, I really encourage you to have fun! Decorating your walls is a time to bring out your personality and what is really important to you. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks – they are your walls to love. Hang artwork and prints throughout your home that speak to you and make your house feel like a home.

You don’t have to worry about how artwork or wall décor will affect your home’s value or its likeability. Unlike paint or permanent renovations, artwork and paintings come with you when you move. Choose what makes you happy and enjoy your newly renovated home.